Sign up to attend a new volunteer orientation and training session to volunteer at the Dulles South Food Pantry. At the 45-minute new volunteer orientation and training session, you will complete a volunteer information sheet, sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose any information about our guests, and learn the operations procedures for stocking food at the Dulles South Food Pantry. We will also go over the procedures for distributing food on the evenings when the food pantry is open. New volunteer orientation and training sessions are offered every month and fill up quickly. Youth age 10 to 15, who are accompanied by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult who has also completed training, may volunteer for a stocking shift at the pantry. Youth age 16 and older do not need to be accompanied.

Sign up for a new volunteer orientation and training session.

As an all-volunteer organization, the Dulles South Food Pantry (DSFP) has many opportunities to serve outside of the pantry itself. Many of these opportunities do not require training or heavy lifting and can be done on your own schedule.

DRIVERS – The DSFP regularly needs drivers to pick up donated food at local grocery stores and collection sites. The pantry sometimes needs to pick food up or drop items off at other food pantries in Loudoun County. Please contact drivers@dsfp.org if you would like to be a driver. You will need to complete the Volunteer Application and Driver Questionaire.

For more information about being a driver for DSFP, please read our Volunteer Driving Opportunities and Procedures document.

FUNDRAISERS – If you are willing to help with fundraisers, please contact fundraising@dsfp.org.

IT COMMITTEE – The DSFP is looking for volunteers with IT experience to join the IT Committee and help with small IT projects. Contact us at volunteer@dsfp.org.

GRANTS TEAM – The pantry needs volunteers to research grants that the DSFP may be eligible for and apply for them. Contact Robin Kinkead of the Board of Directors at rkinkead@dsfp.org for more information.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS – We are putting together a spreadsheet of food prices at local stores. When the pantry needs to purchase an item to fill a hole on its shelves, volunteers will know where to go for the best price. Contact us at volunteer@dsfp.org to help.

COUPONERS – The pantry is looking for contacts that regularly do couponing or extreme couponing. Contact us at volunteer@dsfp.org.

MARKETING – If you are interested in helping the pantry with any aspect of marketing, please contact jabel@dsfp.org.

FINANCE – Volunteers with a finance background are needed to join the End of Year Audit Committee. Contact Treasurer Karen Grant at kgrant@dsfp.org.

VOLUNTEER CONTACTS – The pantry is seeking volunteers who are willing to be the contact between their church, organization, or community group and the DSFP. If you’d like to keep your church, organization or group updated on news and announcements about the DSFP, please contact us at volunteer@dsfp.org.

OUTREACH – The pantry would like to get information on employment opportunities, job fairs, free health clinics, English language classes and other programs or events that would be helpful to guests at the pantry and to the Dulles South community as a whole. We also want to contact all the government agencies and private organizations that assist people in Loudoun and inform them about the DSFP so they can refer Dulles South residents to us. If you’d like to research this type of information, please contact us at volunteer@dsfp.org.

FOOD DRIVES – If you would like information on how to organize a food drive or what items the pantry needs, please contact the DSFP Food Drive Coordinator at fooddrive@dsfp.org.

PRODUCE FORAGER – We would like to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to our offerings at the pantry. If you would like to help contact farms, farmers markets, gleaning societies, or other sources of fresh produce, please contact drivers@dsfp.org.